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Select the instrument NOT created during the Baroque Age
a) Contrabass b) Harp c) Mandolin d) Electric Guitar
Which is in the Woodwind Family?
a) Clarinet b) Guitar c) Violin d) Piano
Which is NOT in the Flute Family?
a) Flute b) Bass Flute c) Dizi d) Clarinet
Which one is NOT a String Instrument?
a) Cello b) Trumpet c) Violin d) Viola
Select The Baroque Age Composer
a) Giovanni da Palestrina b) Leonardo da Vinci c) Antonio Vivaldi d) Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn
Select The Classical Period Composer
a) Gustav Klimt b) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart c) Vincent van Gogh d) Wolfgang van Beethoven
Select The Romantic Era Composer
a) Joshua Bello b) John Tchaikovsky c) Für Elise d) Felix Mendelssohn
Select The Twentieth-Century Composer
a) Georgia O'Keeffe b) Giuseppe Tartini c) Béla Bartók d) Felix Mendelssohn
Which Instrument Has Strings?
a) Harpsichord b) Flute c) Oboe d) Drum
Which is NOT in the percussion family?
a) Anvil b) Gong c) Triangle d) Violin
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