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To put someone down to make you feel good is ___________________ to that person.
a) unattainable b) remission c) demeaning d) obsequious
When my Dad had cancer, he was in ________________ for one month.
a) remission b) guffaw c) soothsayer d) unattainable
Theo was awed by the beautiful Angela, so fair-skinned and blond, older than he, and because of her engagement to Dr. Denton so ____________________
a) demeaning b) remission c) peevishly d) unattainable
Judge Ford had decided to stop smiling years ag o because she felt that smiling without good reason was ________
a) demeaning b) peevishly c) unattainable d) soothsayer
Realizing his mistake in naming six suspects instead of one, Sandy ________ replied to the judege, \
a) unattainable b) guffaw c) demeaning d) peevishly
Sandy was not a stupid man, but he needed to be less _________ and less of a gossip.
a) soothsayer b) peevishly c) remission d) obsequious
The doctor says your disease is incurable, but you could have a ___________lasting for at least five years.
a) demeaning b) remission c) guffaw d) obsequious
I don't really believe in having a _____________predict my future. I think I will just accept whatever happens.
a) soothsayer b) unattainable c) peevishly d) guffaw
Jake could not help himself. He tried to cover the loud ______ with louder coughing.
a) soothsayer b) obsequious c) guffaw d) remission
My little brother acts _______________ when he compliments my mom all the time.
a) obsequious b) unattainable c) peevishly d) demeaning
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