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Whic of the following in NOT an advantage of radio telescopes over optical telescopes
a) Radio telescopes are less affected by atmospheric conditions b) Radio telescopes are less expensive c) Radio telescopes can operate 24 hours a day d) Radio telescopes have better resolution
Which property of an optical telescope is associated with a sharper image
a) light gathering power b) resolving power c) magnifying power d) chromatic abberation
Which famous scientist first used a telescope for astonomical observations
a) Albert Einstein b) Isaac Newton c) Galileo d) George Hale
Which type of spectrum is associated with the radiation of most stars
a) absorption spectrum b) emission spectrum c) discontinuous spectrum d) continuous spectrum
What inofrmation does a star\'s spectrum offer about the star
a) size b) none of the choices are correct c) age d) chemical composition
Which type of spectrum can be produced by a solid, liquid, or gas
a) emission spectrum b) continuous spectrum c) discontinuous spectrum d) absorption spectrum
Which famous scientist unknowing ly founded the field of spectroscopy
a) Albert Einstein b) George Hale c) Galileo d) Isaac Newton
The fact that light can exert a pressure on matter suggests that is made of particles called
a) electrons b) neutrons c) photons d) protons
Which cole has the longest wavelength
a) red b) orange c) green d) blue
Which of the following is not a form of electromagnetic radiation
a) radio waves b) visible light c) gamma rays d) gravity
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