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What do we call an organism that eats only meat ?
a) Carnivore b) Omnivore c) herbivore d) scavenger
What do we call an organism that eats only plants ?
a) Herbivore b) Carnivore c) Omnivore d) Scavenger
What do we call an organism that eats meat and plants ?
a) Omnivore b) Carnivore c) Herbivore d) Fungus
The role of organism in its environment is called its.....
a) niche b) habitat c) population d) species
A group of the same organisms living in a habitat is called.....
a) a population b) a niche c) a food web d) a food chain
A diagram that shows the energy flow through an ecosystem is known as....
a) a food chain b) a food web c) an energy pyramid d) none of the above
Organisms that must eat to survive are called....
a) Consumers b) producers c) plants d) decomposers
An energy pyramid shows that there is ______ energy as you move up the food chain ?
a) less b) the same c) more d) greater
Organisms that feed on already dead organisms are called....
a) scavengers b) omnivores c) consumers d) herbivores
Organisms that break down dead animals and remains and help recycle those materials into the environment are called..
a) decomposers b) carnivores c) producers d) plants
ALL the food chain in an ecosystem make up what is called a.....
a) Food web b) Food pyramid c) energy pyramid d) energy web
The place where an organism lives is called its....
a) habitat b) environment c) niche d) home
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