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Animals that are not adapted to their environment may.....
a) go extinct b) survive very well c) eat meat only d) evolve during their lifetime
The breeding of two dog breeds to make a new kind of breed would be considered....
a) Artifical selection b) natural Selection c) Genetic Engineering d) stimulus
The animals that are best adapted to an environemtn will survive. This idea is known as....
a) Genetic Engineering b) Selective Breeding c) Artifical Selection d) Survival of the Fittest
Random changes in an organisms genes are called...
a) mutations b) stimulus c) responses d) evolution
What kind of reproduction results in a greater variety of life ?
a) Sexual b) Asexual c) Budding d) Binary Fission
The white fur on a snowshow rabbit would be an example of....
a) an adaptation b) a genetically engineered trait c) mutation d) None of the above
Which scientist developed the idea of Natural Selection by studying animals in the Galapagos
a) Charles Darwin b) Gregor Mendel c) Reginald Punnett d) Ben Franklin
What is it called when orgamisms are fighting for resources in an environment ?
a) Competition b) Overproduction c) Survival of the Fittest d) Variety of traits
What is it called when more organisms are born than can be supported by the habitat ?
a) Overproduction b) Competition c) Survival of the Fittest d) Variety of Traits
Which type of reproduction results in the least variety of traits ?
a) Asexual b) sexual c) Sperm fertilizing an egg d) Non of the above
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