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After I was caught sneaking in the house, I had to find someone to _______ my story about where I was.
a) absolve b) placate c) corroborate d) insatiable
In order to be free, the prisoner tried to ______ the police by hiding in the woods.
a) elude b) corroborate c) lachrymose d) inconsequential
After everyone complained about hte short amount of time, my boss decided to ________ everyone and add more time.
a) placate b) discern c) absolve d) lachrymose
_______ questions are those that ask for a person's opinion on a specific topic.
a) subjective b) objective c) discernable d) lachrymose
When students are acting ______, it is hard to get work done.
a) allusion b) gratuitous c) peremptory d) boisterous
While cutting the vegetables for dinner, my hand was severely ______.
a) mitigated b) lacerated c) egressed d) defted
Some of the smaller assignments are ________ to our grades; they won't affect our grade in the class too much.
a) insatiable b) placate c) corroborate d) inconsequential
It is important to know your students' names and not use _____(s).
a) nominal b) utopia c) prolific d) misnomer
The amount of fans at the football game was _______; I couldn't believe how many people were there!
a) prolific b) nominal c) affable d) reciprocate
After the Grammar Carnival, my classroom was in complete _______.
a) deft b) disarray c) rectitude d) boisterous
Being a good person and doing nice things for others shows great ________.
a) euphemism b) egress c) rectitude d) tempestuous
After the huge fight they had, their relationship became very _______.
a) stringent b) tempestuous c) wrangle d) peremptory
After she became pregnant, it was necessary for her to take a leave of absence, also called a/an ____.
a) incognito b) sanctity c) utopia d) furlough
The small animals were extremely ________; they meant no harm to anyone.
a) incognito b) nominal c) innocuous d) misnomer
There is no place for _____ activities in the classroom; beign very aggressive to the people around you is wrong.
a) debacle b) advocate c) neophyte d) belligerent
Being a/an _____ person is a good way to make many friends.
a) condescend b) affable c) prolific d) misnomer
Taking performance enhancing drugs brings great _____ to a proud sports franchise.
a) ignominy b) neophyte c) sustenance d) advocate
The complete _______ of the student was uncalled for; that teacher should not be able to say such bad things about that student.
a) fruition b) ignominy c) abasement d) belligerent
In order to stay out of trouble, I had to _______ my statement that I made previously.
a) sustenance b) irascible c) usurp d) recant
When you work hard, all of your goals and dreams will come to ______.
a) ignominy b) effusion c) abasement d) fruition
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