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Body of air with same characteristics throughout. Copes the surface below.
a) Airmass b) Seasons c) Atmosphere d) Atmospheric Pressure
Layered and surrounds and protects the earth. Made up mostly of Nitrogen gas.
a) Gibbous b) Atmosphere c) Nitogen d) Cold Air
As altitude increases, pressures decrease
a) Hot Air b) Warm Air c) Atmospheric Pressure d) AirMass
Occurs during condensation step of water cycle. Water cools and condenses on a dust or smoke particle.
a) Atmospheric Pressure b) Seasons c) Full Moon d) Cloud Formation
Dense, slow, sinks
a) Cold Air b) Hot Air c) Seasons d) Moon
Not dense, fast, rises
a) Cold Air b) Hot Air c) No air d) Clouds
Two reasons, Tilt and Revolution. Temperature depends on whether earth is tilted towards or away from the sun.
a) Atmosphere b) Water Cycle c) Seasons d) New Moon
Reflective, less direct sun/Absorbs, more direct sun
a) Crescent vs. Gibbous b) Cold Air vs. Hot Air c) Waxing vs. Waning d) Poles vs. Equator
Evaporation, transpiration, condensation, precipitation, surface runoff, no beginning or end. Sun is a source of energy for this.
a) Water Cycle b) AirMass c) Seasons d) Cloud Formation
When the moon looks like a smile
a) Full Moon b) Crescent Moon c) Gibbous d) Half Moon
When the moon is visible except for the crescent
a) Half Moon b) Crescent Moon c) Gibbous d) Full Moon
When the moon is fully illuminated from the sun. The earth is between the sun and the moon.
a) Full Moon b) Crescent Moon c) Half Moon d) Gibbous
Growing, illuminated right side/Shrinking, illuminated left side
a) Water Cycle b) Waning and Waxing c) Waxing and Waning d) Cloud Formation
Earth is tilted and circles the sun for 365 1/4 days. A reason for the seasons.
a) Revolution of the earth b) Rotation of the Earth c) Water Cycle d) Waxing vs. Waning
When the moon is between the sun and earth and we see a darkened moon. The illuminated part faces away from the earth
a) Gibbous b) Half Moon c) Old Moon d) New Moon
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