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What does 'Center text' do?
a) Aligns text in the centre b) Aligns text both left and right c) Puts text in the middle of the page d) Inserts text
What does the B on the menu bar do?
a) Makes font Bold b) Makes font Basic c) Highlights B on the page d) Makes small letters capitals
To move a picture or text behind something else you
a) Delete it b) Send it backward c) Send it forward d) Move it away
To change the colour of font what symbol do you click on the toolbar?
a) A b) Aa c) B d) I
To remove a section of an image what tool do you use?
a) Crop b) Cut c) Resize d) Wrap
Which menu option do you use to add graphics to your document?
a) Insert b) Format c) Edit d) File
What program can be used to design web pages?
a) Publisher b) PowerPoint c) Word d) Excel
What does DTP mean?
a) Desktop Publishing b) Desk to Publish c) Design Technology Publish d) Design top Publish
What does Wrap text do?
a) Arranges layout of text and pictures b) Highlight all text c) Deletes text d) Inserts pictures
What is the Font?
a) Text style b) Page layout c) Picture formatting d) File set up
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