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Jack is in charge of fire watch.
a) T b) F c) d)
Piggy is in shape and fit.
a) T b) F c) d)
Ralph and the other kids are never saved .
a) T b) F c) d)
Jack does not believe in rules.
a) T b) F c) d)
How did Piggy die?
a) He was shot in the tummy. b) Killed my the Beastie. c) Got a deadly disease. d) Smashed by a rock.
Where are the kids from?
a) Ireland. b) Great Britian. c) Brazil. d) Disneyland.
What activity was Jack obsessed with?
a) Making sandcastles. b) Hunting pigs. c) Playing patty-cake. d) Sleeping.
The kids elected Jack over Ralph.
a) T b) F c) d)
What was the beastie on the island?
a) A dead airmen. b) The Chupacabra. c) A pig. d) A spider.
How did the kids end up on the Island?
a) It was for a party. b) For a vacation with friends. c) Shot down in an evacuation plane. d) The kids always lived on the island.
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