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What color is Mr. S car?
a) Blue b) Purple c) Rainbow d) Indigo
What does Mrs. Hall eat for lunch?
a) Salad b) Your soul c) Mac and Cheese d) A full steak dinner
Ms. Skrowonek was born in?
a) Conneticut b) Egypt c) The Republic of the Congo d) The moon
Mrs. Havir's favorite student is
a) ME!!!!! b) The person sitting next to me c) None of them d) The students in D class
Mrs. Freidman made it to Woodstock?
a) almost she was on her way and turned around b) Yes!!!! c) No....... d)
I am going to Thank Mr. Goldstien for Six Flag
a) Of Course b) I am thinking about it c) d)
Mr. Howley hobby is......
a) Running b) underwater basket weaving c) rare bird calls d) ballroom dancing
Mrs. Havir's gnome is named.....
a) Larry b) Barry c) Carry d) Derry
8W will win the apache relay?
a) Yes b) No c) d)
Does Mrs. Treannie have a cat?
a) Yes! She loves them b) No, she is scared of them c) d)
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