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Which sea turtles are closely related?
a) Black and Flatback b) Black and Green c) Olive Ridley and Kemps Ridley d) Leatherback and Loggerhead
What determines the sex of sea turtles?
a) Mother's DNA b) Father's DNA c) Amount of light d) Temperature of the nest
Which sea turtle is an herbivore as an adult?
a) Flatback b) Green c) Leatherhead d) Loggerhead
What is the biggest cause of sea turtle decline?
a) beach erosion b) human activities c) poaching d) pollution
Which is the smallest and rarest sea turtle?
a) Black b) Green c) Kemps Ridley d) Olive Ridley
Which sea turtle is the largest and lacks scutes?
a) Green b) Kemps Ridley c) Leatherback d) Loggerhead
Which sea turtle has the most scutes?
a) Flatback b) Kemps Ridley c) Leatherback d) Olive Ridley
Which of the following is true for sea turtles?
a) Have internal fertilization and development b) Have external fertilization and development c) Have internal fertilization and external development d) Have external fertilization and internal development
What is the dorsal outer shell called?
a) armor b) carapace c) plastron d) scutes
What are the sections of the shell called?
a) scales b) scutes c) shingles d) siding
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