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Most asteroids lie between the orbits of
a) Mercury and Venus b) Venus and Earth c) Mars and Jupiter d) Earth and Mars
Most meteor showers are associated with the orbits of
a) satellites b) comets c) planets d) meteroites
Which of the following is a characteristic of Jupiter
a) huge rotating storms b) dense atmosphere c) thin ring system d) all of the answers are correct
Which satellite of Uranus has the greatest variety of landforms of any satellite yet examined?
a) Phobos b) Miranda c) Europa d) Titan
What feat did the spacecraft Near Shoemaker accomplish
a) It discovered the moon Charon b) It discovered rings on Neptune c) It landed on an asteroid d) It voyaged out of the solar system
The lowest surface temperature in the solar system, (-200oC) occurs on
a) Titan b) Triton c) Neptune d) Pluto
What characteristic distinguishes Neptune from the other planets?
a) Neptune is blue b) Neptune is extremely cold c) Neptune is the largest planet d) Neptune is extremely windy
According to a recent discovery, which planet has one satellite
a) Neptune b) Pluto c) Mercury d) Mars
What is the smallest planet
a) Saturn b) Pluto c) Mars d) Mercury
Which planet's axis of rotation lies nearly parallel with the plane of its orbit
a) Mercury b) Uranus c) Saturn d) Earth
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