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Which planet might be described as a large, dirty iceball
a) Mercury b) Venus c) Pluto d) Mars
Which planet is second only to the moon in brilliace in the night sky
a) Mercury b) Mars c) Venus d) Jupiter
Which planet has a greater mass than the combined mass of all the remaining planets and their moons
a) Venus b) Saturn c) Jupiter d) Saturn
Which of the following is currently responsible for shaping Mars' surface
a) wind b) volcanoes c) water d) tectonics
Which planet, when viewed through a telescope, appears as a reddish ball interrupted by some permanent dark regions that change intensity
a) Mercury b) Earth c) Mars d) Saturn
Which planet has a dense carbon dioxide atmosphere and high surface temperatures
a) Venus b) Earth c) Mars d) Mercury
The planet with the greatest temperature extremes is
a) Earth b) Venus c) Mars d) Mercury
Which planet shows evidence of water erosion
a) Mars b) Venus c) Jupiter d) Mercury
Which of the following is NOT considered part of the solar system
a) terrestrial planets b) sun c) galaxies d) Jovian planets
Which of the following is NOT a terrestial planet
a) Mercury b) Earth c) Mars d) Jupiter
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