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the braxton farm has not made profit in some years and they owe creditors 10,000. the braxtons should file for which bankruptcy
a) chapter 7 b) chapter 13 c) d)
don filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy judgement. what did the judge issue?
a) order of relief b) debt order c) d)
mat approached by a credit card co. employee pretending to be a government agent and ask for money past due amount. what law protects mat against this action?
a) fair credit reporting act b) equal credit opportunity act c) d)
mik credit card co is refusing to fix and error on his report. what law protects him against this concern?
a) fair credit reporting act b) fair credit billing act c) d)
jason noticed over 1000 purchases that he did not make on his credit card statement. which act will allow him to challenge this billing error?
a) electronic funds transfer act b) fair credit reporting act c) d)
Stephanie borrowed money from the creditor to renovate the home she bought 10 years ago. The creditor gave her a document that stated the terms, conditions and consequences of default. The creditor was following which act?
a) Home Equality Loan and Consumer Protection b) Electronic Fund Transfer Act c) d)
M has an insurance for 11,000 benefit with 1000 deductible, how much will m have to pay BEFORE the insurance company pays anything?
a) 1000 b) 11000 c) d)
M has an insurance for 11,000 benefit with 1000 deductible, what is the name that identify this payment m have to pay BEFORE the insurance company pays anything?
a) deductible b) premium c) d)
M has an insurance for 11,000 benefit with 1000 deductible, what type of health insurance does he have?
a) group b) life c) d)
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act allows what behavior by creditors?
a) Writing a letter requesting payment b) Using any means to collect c) d)
Todd needs insurance to provide coverage for his property while living in a college dorm room. What type of insurance should he purchase?
a) Renters b) Homeowners c) d)
mary was texting while driving ran off the road in a ditch. which type of insurance will cover the damages?
a) auto b) renters c) d)
a burglar stole mike flat screen tv from the apartment he is leasing. Which type of insurance will cover the damages?
a) renters b) homeowners c) d)
before ted and nancy married they did a blood test. what prohibit family marriage?
a) consanguinity b) affinity c) d)
mike want a life insurance policy on his neighbor. what prohibits him from insuring the neighbor?
a) not an insurable interest b) no indeminity c) d)
in scenario 5.01A above, john files for divorce from Peggy because he does not want to live with her anymore. What are grounds for this divorce?
a) desertion b) adultery c) d)
In scenario 5.01A above. John has temporary custody of the children. However, Sally would like to live with her mother, Peggy. Who will make the decision?
a) Court b) Sally c) d)
Before Stephen and Shelly were married, they decided to put into writing they decided to put into writing the division of real and personal property in case something were to happen to the marriage. What is this legal agreement called?
a) Prenuptial Agreement b) Common-law marriage c) d)
Felicia and her husband, Mark, Left Felicia’s brother in charge of their estate when Felicia and Mark died. What term identifies Felicia’s brother in this situation?
a) Executor b) Testator c) d)
Raina has created a trust for her son, Micheal. Micheal grows up and gets in trouble with creditors. What type of trust protects his trust from creditors?
a) Express b) Inter vivos c) d)
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