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jen who owns a company call jj's was contracted by steph, VP marketing for Fair Credit Services to write a jingle for an upcoming marketing campaign. In the scenario who is jen?
a) employer b) employee c) d)
rog was discharged from his job without cause. which benefit is rog entitled to receive from this situation?
a) unemployment compensation b) workers compensation c) d)
dan applied for a job at a store in the mall. the employer refused to hire unless she removed her head scarf which she wears for religious reasons. which act is this company violating?
a) Title VII of the civil rights act of 1964 b) family medical leave act c) d)
peg is 60 years old and is applying for a position as an accountant. The employer refused to hire her stating that she was too old. which act is this company violating?
a) age discrimination in employment act b) family medical leave act c) d)
ted is chef and due to the poor economy. ted lost his job. what benefit should ted receive?
a) unemployment compensation b) workers compensation c) d)
Betty confers authority to Linda as her agent. What is this formal agreement called?
a) Power of attorney b) Common law c) d)
Fred represented Harold in a real estate transaction when Harold sold his property to Nancy. What type of relationship does Fred have with Harold?
a) special agent b) master agent c) d)
campbell own the video store and leave tanner in charge. frank was in the store looking for video and tanner ask him to watch the store. what kind of agent is frank
a) co agent b) special agent c) d)
Peter is the person hired by Anne to perform a task. Peter Is not controlled by Anne. What agency relationship is formed?
a) Independent contractor b) General agent c) d)
A local business seeks to protect the environment by Helping local citizen better understand methods of conserving energy. Which environment act supports these actions?
a) Pollution Protection b) Toxic substance Control c) d)
Which Act explains consequences for environmental violation and prevents or eliminates damage to the environment?
a) National Environmental Policy Act b) Energy Policy Act c) d)
Which agency manages transportation of electricity and natural gas?
a) Federal Energy Regulatory Commission b) Department of Energy c) d)
Which act creates guidelines and help improve and maintain the biological, physical, and chemical quality of rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans?
a) Clean Water Act b) Energy Independence and Security Act c) d)
Sally finished her latest novel. After receiving copyright protection, what symbol should be placed on all protected works?
a) C within a circle b) CPR within a circle c) d)
Joseph has a patent on a new household gadget. What type of property is the patent?
a) Intellectual b) Copyright c) d)
wake med has a unique symbol for identification purposes. what term id this type of symbol?
a) service mark b) copyright c) d)
after winning an award for a photograph of an ocean sunset. jan wanted to protect her rights to any reproduction of the picture. what type of protection did she apply for?
a) copyright b) patent c) d)
the company name KFC is protected. which term identifies this protection
a) trademark b) copyright c) d)
ben has received documents from the government on his new invention. to prevent theft of his idea, what is required to be placed on his invention?
a) copyright symbol only b) patent and patent number c) d)
bill has a major debt, but believes he can get out of it with a small adjustment to his existing debts. what bankruptcy should he file for?
a) chapter 13 b) chapter 7 c) d)
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