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Keisha wants to print her completed music databases. Which tool would she use?
a) Report b) Form c) d)
Wendy wants to be able to see what her database report will look like without producing a hard copy. Which option would she choose?
a) Print Preview b) Selected Records c) d)
Which type of operation performs mathematical functions, such as MAX, MIN, or COUNT, on a group of records?
a) Aggregate b) Statistical c) d)
Dean needs to add the FBLA logo to the top of his membership form. Which type of control should he use?
a) Unbound b) Bound c) d)
Tanya created a report to show people signed up for a 5K race. She needs to increase the size of the report header so she can add the race logo control. Which view will allow her to resize the header?
a) Design View b) Report View c) d)
Which ribbon in layout view contains the commands to insert or delete new rows and columns in a report?
a) Report Layout Tools Arrange b) Report Layout Tools Page Setup c) d)
Which ribbon displays report printing options?
a) Report Design Tools Page Setup Ribbon b) Report Design Tools Arrange Ribbon c) d)
What ensures that a query result appears in a specific order?
a) Sorting b) Filtering c) d)
Which type of operator enables a user to compare two values in a query criterion?
a) Comparison b) Evaluation c) d)
Mr. Brown's report needs to be arranged by last name and first name. What tool can he use to ensure that students appear in alphabetical order on his report?
a) Sort b) Conditional Formatting c) d)
Other than creating a new blank database, which is one of the primary methods for starting a new database?
a) Database template b) Table template c) d)
Data that is organized in a useful manner is called?
a) Records b) Fields c) d)
Which is the process of arranging data in a designated order based on the value of a specific field?
a) Sort b) Order c) d)
Which describes a database consisting of two files; one containing tables with data and the other containing database objects?
a) Split database b) Two-part database c) d)
In which view does a newly created table appear in Microsoft Access
a) Datasheet b) Pivot chart c) d)
An association established between two or more tables based on a common field that enables the creation of queries, forms, or reports based upon multiple objects is called a:
a) Relationship. b) Connection. c) d)
Which of the following field properties should you use to restrict the number that can be entered in a table field?
a) Field size b) Input Mask c) d)
Which term refers to the set of rules Microsoft Access uses to ensure that data between related fields are valid?
a) Referential integrity b) Code enforcement c) d)
A PivotTable will be empty until the user selects:
a) fields. b) rows. c) d)
What are the conditions set forth in a query to identify specific records in a table or tables?
a) Criteria b) Procedures c) d)
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