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Erin needs to prepare a custom table for her recipe collection. She has to include the ingredient portions. Which is the correct tool to use?
a) Design view b) Sharepoint List c) d)
Isabel needs to include a brief biography of each member in her database. The average length of each biography is 300 characters. What data type should she use to include these characters?
a) Memo b) Date/Time c) d)
Eddie needs to know which employee(s) work in the Southeast District. Which command would he use?
a) Filter b) Sort Ascending c) d)
Eddie works for ABC Finance. He needs to view which employee(s) has the highest sales for the month. Which command should he use?
a) Sort Descending b) Filter c) d)
In a table, which is a way of exclusively identifying each record in the database?
a) Primary Key b) Primary category c) d)
Mr. Smith needs to know Jenny's address. Which command would he use?
a) Find b) Sort Ascending c) d)
Sally is the Honor Society president. She is creating a database to manage her membership information. What form tool could she use to quickly create a set of tabs a user could click to access forms and reports in the database?
a) Navigation Form b) Layout View c) d)
You are the owner of Ima Graphic Animator, Inc., a graphic design company. You want to quickly create a new blank database object, one which includes one record at a time and a more detailed view of the structure. Which would you use?
a) Form Design b) Table Design c) d)
Tyler is using Access for a class assignment. Which database object would she use to enter one record at a time?
a) Form b) Table c) d)
Cathy needs to duplicate a column that is used in her spring sports table in the athletic database for a new form she is creating for fall sports. Which item from the tools group would enable her to perform this operation?
a) Add Existing Fields b) Property Sheet c) d)
Michelle needs each National Technical Honor Society member to complete an information sheet. Which tool would be best?
a) Form b) Controls c) d)
Helen is creating a form to gather important information about graduation requirements from her senior homeroom students. What tool would she use to ensure that the sequence in navigating the form fields solicits the correct data?
a) Tab Order b) Property Sheet c) d)
Michelle wants to change the color of her form to make it more attractive. Which should she use?
a) Theme b) Filter c) d)
Sam enters a numeric criterion in a query to find out which UNC school(s) have an enrollment that equals 5,000 or greater. What would he enter?
a) =5000 b) =5000 c) d)
Sam needs to search information from the UNC schools database to find which school(s) have at least 10,000 students enrolled and an animal for a mascot. Which command would he use?
a) Multiple Query b) Simple Query c) d)
What do you use to locate records that meet certain criteria?
a) Queries b) Reports c) d)
The manager of Doggie Donuts needs to group inventory by types of dog food in stock. He needs a subtotal for each group. Which query type will display this information?
a) crosstab query b) select query c) d)
The athletic director is looking for swim or softball team purchase orders that are more than $200. What criteria would give her this information?
a) 200 AND swimming OR softball b) 200 AND swimming AND softball c) d)
Donna's Bakery lost a customer named Doggie Donuts. What action should be taken to remove all records from her database for Doggie Donuts?
a) delete query b) make table query c) d)
Susi works at the local hospital and she needs to know the first names of the patients with the last name Jones. What wildcard operator would she use?
a) * b) + c) d)
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