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What are three valid methods for saving a database in Microsoft Access?
a) Ctrl + S, File tab Save command, Quick Access Save command b) alt + S, Home Ribbon Save command, Quick Access Save command c) d)
William has created a report. Which view could he use to see exactly how the report will look on paper?
a) Print Preview b) Layout View c) d)
Which term refers to storing the same field in more than one location in a database?
a) Redundancy b) Repetition c) d)
Curt needs to create a backup to his existing database on an external hard drive. What action should he take?
a) Save As b) Create New c) d)
Which view displays the area used to create a table or to modify the structure of a table?
a) Design b) Backstage c) d)
An address book containing all FBLA members would be an example of a:
a) databases b) records c) d)
Which type of database consists of a collection of tables, each of which contains information on a specific subject?
a) Relational b) Independent c) d)
Michelle needs a list of senior National Technical Honor Society members so she can order their tassels for graduation. Which tool would be best to identify only the seniors?
a) Filter b) Theme c) d)
Jenny is setting the addresses for each patient. Which data type should she use?
a) Text b) Currency c) d)
What is the purpose of a primary key in a database?
a) Unique Identifier b) Provides a description c) d)
Amanda wants to ensure there are only two characters for state abbreviation. What should she do?
a) Limit field size b) Provides database security c) d)
Nick wants to immediately open an employees' email from his database . What data type should be used for the email address?
a) Hyperlink b) Currency c) d)
Amanda wants to make it easier for other users to input data. What should she do to help other users understand the fields?
a) Provide a description b) Unique Identifier c) d)
Nick wants to design a database and wants Access to automatically assign an ID number to each record. What data type should he
a) Auto Number b) Yes/No c) d)
Jenny is entering data to the medication field in the patient database and needs to constantly view patient ID numbers to input medication information. What should she do?
a) Freeze Fields b) Hide Fields c) d)
Kori wants to know how many students in FBLA are seniors, but does not want to save the information. Which operation would she perform?
a) Filter b) Query c) d)
Mary needs to export the table of FBLA members from the Southeast Region database to a document that does not allow editing. Which format should she use?
a) .pdf b) .txt c) d)
In Datasheet view, how does a user delete a record?
a) Select the record and choose Delete from the Home Ribbon b) Select the record and choose Delete from the Create Ribbon c) d)
Chad needs to remove a student from the FBLA database. Which option should he choose?
a) Delete Record b) Edit Record c) d)
Isabel wants to design a database for her FBLA club to include all the members' information. What data type should she use for Last Name?
a) Text b) Date/Time c) d)
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