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Nobles who received pieces of land called fiefs from lords in return for protection
a) Serfs b) Peasants c) Vassals d)
476 AD was when
a) The LAST Roman emperor was removed from power b) The FIRST Roman emperor was put on the throne c) Caesar was assassinated d)
This empire DIvided Rome into Eastern and Western regions
a) Athena b) Diocletian c) Hammurabi d)
Augustus Caesar is also known as....
a) Octavian b) Gladiator c) Diocletian d)
Pax Romana was a ______ year period of stability in Rome
a) 500 b) 1000 c) 200 d)
The founders of ROMe who were raised by a wolf
a) Bert and Ernie b) Caesar and Alex c) ROMulus and Remus d)
Philosophy is the study of basic _________ about the universe
a) truths b) opinions c) poems d)
A blend of Greek, Persian, Egyptian, and Indian cultures
a) melting pot b) Hellenistic c) cultural revolution d)
King of Macedonia, whose empire stretched from Greece to India
a) Diocletian b) Caesar c) Alexander the Great d)
The HIGH PART of Athens where important temples and monuments were built
a) monument b) agora c) Acropolis d)
The leader of Athens who helped the poor people be a part of government
a) Hatshepsut b) Hammurabi c) Pericles d)
Spartan slaves were called
a) helots b) serfs c) peasants d)
Sparta is known for being very ____________
a) kind and peaceful b) militaristic c) knowledgeable of politics d)
Democracy gives the power to the __________ to make decisions
a) people/citizens b) kings c) nobles d) serfs
Myths are stories that portray what?
a) animal tales b) fictional stories about families c) Greek gods and goddesses d)
The Ten Commandments were the laws of the ______
a) Catholics b) Hebrews/Jews c) Muslims d)
The religion of the Hebrews/Jews
a) Christianity b) Judaism c) d)
European ruler who built an empire greater than any since Rome
a) Pericles b) Alexander the Great c) Charlemagne d)
Chivalry is...
a) A knight's code of honor b) A delicious treat made on Christmas c) A form of payment given for protection d)
A group of people working the same job is called
a) a club b) a guild c) a school d)
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