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Hay relámpago y truenos
a) there is thunder b) there are clouds c) there is lightning and thunder d) there is a storm
hay humedad
a) there is humidity b) i don't like humidity c) it's sunny d) it's hot
a) it's snowing b) it's raining c) it's windy d) There is a storm
hay nubes
a) hey nubes b) there are clouds c) it's cloudy d) there is a storm
a) it's cloudy b) it's snowing c) it's raining d) it's windy
hace sol
a) it's sunny b) Luke, I am your father. c) It's cool d) it's snowing
hace viento
a) It's venty b) it's windy c) open a window d) it's windo
hace mal tiempo
a) it's bad weather b) it's cloudy c) it's freezing d) it's windy
hace buen tiempo
a) it's bad weather b) it's sunny c) it's raining d) It's good weather/nice weather
hace fresco
a) it's cool b) You are cool c) it's fresh d) I like strawberries
Hace calor
a) it's colorful b) it's cold c) it's hot d) It's sunny
Hace frío
a) It's making freezy pops b) it's cold c) it's cool d) it's hot
¿Qué tiempo hace?
a) What's the weather like? b) What time is it? c) Do you have some weather news? d) Do you like weather?
Hay inundación
a) There's a flood b) stop inundating me c) it's raining d) it's cloudy
hay graniza
a) there are grains b) it's grainy c) there is hail d) there is a grand event
hay chubascos
a) hi chewbacca b) there is chewbacca c) It's chewy d) there are showers
hay tormenta
a) there's a storm b) there is a tormenting person c) you torment me d) Arg, i'm a pirate
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