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Phil agrees to take a job as an office manager. Phil received a job description. Phil received what type of contract?
a) Implied employment agreement b) Unemployment compensation c) d)
Robert was fired from his manufacturing job with cause. The employer has the right to terminate his employment without cause under which law?
a) Employment at will b) Unpaid vacation leave c) d)
John works in a factory and ison the bottom of the pay scale as an untrained worker. John earns the minimum wage for his job. John works a regular 40 hours per week time period. Which legal action established the wage and hours requirements for John?
a) Fair Labor Standard Act b) Payroll Deductions Act c) d)
Dave contracts to sell Miranda Ford Mustang on Friday. She will pay him and pick the car up on Saturday morning. Friday night, Dave is involved in an accident totaling the car. How was this contract terminated?
a) Impossibility of Performance b) Agreement c) d)
Pat buys classic car from Charlie. Charlie refuses to deliver the car to Pat. Pat sues Charlie in order to receive the car. What is Pat seeking?
a) Specific Performance b) Remedy of Damages c) d)
what part of genuine agreement is not met if the house being purchased burns down, without anyone's knowledge, prior to a contract being signed?
a) mutual mistake b) misrepresentation c) d)
a police captain caught a suspect who had stolen grocery from a store. the police captain was not allowed to accept a gift for his bravery. what is the reason for not accepting the reward?
a) existing duty b) past consideration c) d)
a minor using fake id to sign a contract is committing what illegal act?
a) fraud b) extortion c) d)
the judge refused to enforce an illegal gambling contract. What term id this contract
a) voidable b) void c) d)
after offering to sell his phone to jake, john gets a better offer. he immediately withdraws the original offer. how was the original offer ended?
a) revocation b) rejection c) d)
j made an honest mistake in selling a rare art piece but offered a refund later when he found out it was not rare. what part of genuine agreement is considered a honest mistake?
a) innocent misrepresentation b) fraud c) d)
after drinking excessively fred signs a contract purchasing products from henry. Which element may this contract violate?
a) capacity b) consideration c) d)
Pete threatens to put mike out of business if he refuses to buy products from him. this threat violates what element of a contract?
a) genuine agreement b) consideration c) d)
Brad deliberately deceives mike into buying his car. what crime did B commit?
a) bilateral mistake b) fraud c) d)
nike agreeing with reebok to sell brand shoes at a set price. this violates which element of a contract?
a) legality b) capacity c) d)
if the offeror faxe an offer the the offeree and the offeree faxes the acceptance, when will the offer go into affect?
a) when sent b) when written c) d)
jennifer asked jason if he wanted to buy her car. who is Jason in this transaction
a) offeree b) offeror c) d)
adam is concerned about the future damage that lin company will cause to others. adam wants the courts to stop lin co. dangerous activities by issuing what?
a) injunction b) arbitration paper c) d)
amber proved her legal injury in court but the jury did not believe she suffered and damages. what type of damages will be awarded?
a) punitive b) liquidated c) d)
brenda no longer can clean wendy's house so she asks william to replace her in the contract. how was the contract transfered?
a) assignment b) novation c) d)
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