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The robber QUICKLY ran away from the scene of the crime
a) adverb b) pronoun c) verb d) adjective
TWO birds fell out of their nest and hurt their wing
a) adjective b) noun c) adverb d) verb
Sarah and Jane PLAYED basketball
a) adjective b) noun c) verb d) adverb
The boy went to the STORE to buy milk.
a) verb b) noun c) pronoun d) adjective
A tax is placed on any _____ that gets shipped OUT of the United States
a) import b) export c) material d) money
People who study _____ can help predict future consumer needs
a) Psychology b) Economics c) Math d) English
The internet is a _____ form of communication
a) environmental b) global c) central d) secondary
Oil is an _____ that is lacking and causing gas prices to rise
a) import b) export c) profit d) thing
Your social studies textbook is a ______ that can be used to look up information
a) primary source b) secondary source c) third source d) no source
Immigration resulted in the spread of _____ throughout the center of New York City during the early 1900s
a) economics b) diversity c) the flu d) money
A diary kept by a Civil War soldier is an example of a
a) primary source b) secondary source c) third source d) no source
Congress had to ______ the bill before President Obama could implement it.
a) diversity b) ratify c) begin d) save
WE decided to go to dinner at a new restaurant
a) noun b) adjective c) pronoun d) verb
Opposite of contrast
a) opposite b) similar c) opposite d) match up
Opposite of contrast
a) connect b) equal c) connect d) collate
Opposite of compare
a) differences b) similarities c) conflicting d) opposite
Opposite of compare
a) opposite b) same as c) contradictory d) adverse
Opposite of create
a) destroy b) build c) copy d) plagiarize
Opposite of create
a) design b) ruin c) copy d) conflicting
Opposite of infer
a) misunderstand b) observe c) prove d) gather
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