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. In SCENARIO 1.2A, Emily needs to pick up a dress from the dry cleaners using her credit card. The dry cleaners only takes cash payments. Emily decides to “borrow” $10 from the cash register at Ace’s Pizza to pay the bill at the dry cleaners. What b
a) consequential reasoning b) rule based reasoning c) d)
In SCENARIO 1.2A, Tommy stayed and worked one night without extra paw when Emily needed to go home early. Tommy asked Emily to work extra hours one Saturday in his place. According to what ethical principle should Emily work for Tommy?
a) golden rule b) greatest good c) d)
Oleg, a Russian national, robbed West Side National Bank. Which federal agency has jurisdiction for the robbery investigation?
a) FBI b) US Marshall c) d)
Addison and Tucker had a party that was very loud. They were cited with the nuisance ordinance. Which law enforcement agency would have jurisdiction for this investigation?
a) Local police b) NC SBI c) d)
Jan filed a civil lawsuit against Michael. What papers does Jan have to file?
a) complaint b) judgement c) d)
Who is the final authority regarding constitutionality of a law passed by the North Carolina legislature that may violate the US Constitution?
a) US Supreme Court b) President c) d)
Curt stole office supplies from Walmart. He was arrested and charged with which crime
a) Larceny b) Embezzlement c) d)
The handling of toxic chemicals is covered under what doctrine?
a) Nuisance b) Survival Statutes c) d)
Linda discovered her husband was having an affair. After weks of planning, she stabbed and killed him. Linda committed what type of crime?
a) 1st degree murder b) Kidnapping c) d)
A store manager holding a customer without just cause is committing which tort?
a) False Imprisonment b) False Assault c) d)
Sharon gets upset with the prosecutor and decides to refuse to answer any questions while on the stand in court. What could Sharon be chared with by the judge?
a) Contempt of court b) Escapee c) d)
Brenda’s neighbors play loud music throughout the night. She decides to sue them. What tort will she argue in court?
a) Nuisance b) Battery c) d)
Photographs placed on the internet without permission constitute which text?
a) Invasion of policy b) Assault c) d)
US District Court has ruled in favor of the Environmental Protection Agency. The company that lost the case immediately filed an appeal with which court?
a) US court of appeal b) NC Supreme Court c) d)
If a person willfully and maliciously burns the dwelling house or building of another person, which term is used?
a) arson b) larceny c) d)
What are limits of powers that the US Supreme Court is executing when reviewing a new national speed limit law establish by Congress and signed into law by the President?
a) judicial review b) executive review c) d)
The North Carolina legislature has revised and adopted a rule from English Common Law, what is the new law called?
a) Statutory b) administrative c) d)
A person offers to sell a car for $500, but the response was an offer of $450. What is the second offer called?
a) Statute Of Frauds b) Equitable Estoppel c) d)
Maria agrees to pay the debts of her father. What law requires the agreement to be in writing?
a) Counteroffer b) Genuine agreement c) d)
When Mary sells her CD collection to John, what does john gain?
a) Detriment b) Forbearance c) d)
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