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Amy would like to quickly create a form in layout view so that she can easily modify contents and formatting. Which option uses layout view and gives the user greater control over the form's appearance while displaying the data?
a) Blank Form b) Form Wizard c) d)
What Home Ribbon group contains the command used for quickly converting selected cells to a table by choosing a table style?
a) Styles b) Editing c) d)
What is the process of bringing data containing text fields separated by commas into Excel called?
a) Importing data b) Data collection c) d)
Joan has created a spreadsheet that displays sales of her employees. She would like to view only those employees with sales above $25,000 who are from Region 3. What option will allow her to do that?
a) Custom Filter b) Descending c) d)
Trey would like to apply a rule to the data in cell range A1:F20 that will highlight numbers greater than 50,000 with a yellow fill color and dark yellow text. Which formatting style should he select?
a) Conditional Formatting b) Cell Style c) d)
David only wants to view the employees in the Marketing department who earn a salary of more than $25,000. What command should he use to complete this task?
a) Filter b) AutoFil c) d)
Joan wants to see her sales representatives in numerical order with the sales person who sold the least at the top. Which sorting option should she choose?
a) Ascending b) Primary Sort c) d)
In a worksheet, which command suggests other words with a similar meaning that can be used?
a) thesaurus b) research c) d)
What command limits structural changes, such as adding, deleting, or moving sheets, that can be made in a workbook?
a) Protect Workbook b) Protect Sheet c) d)
Which ribbon contains commands to add a comment about a selected cell in a worksheet?
a) review b) insert c) d)
What ribbon contains the commands for creating charts in Microsoft Excel?
a) insert b) page layout c) d)
Which Chart Tools Ribbon tab allows a user to select from a gallery of chart styles?
a) design b) style c) d)
What is a visual way to show how two variables relate to each other in a table?
a) trendline b) data trend c) d)
Which command on the Insert Ribbon inserts a graphic from the Microsoft Office collection into a worksheet?
a) clip art b) picture c) d)
Which is the name of an interactive graphical representation of data that allows a user to change the groupings?
a) pivot chart b) pivot table c) d)
Which command on the Insert Ribbon enables a user to insert a picture of a program window into a worksheet?
a) screen shot b) smart art c) d)
Which command on the Page Layout Ribbon enables a user to flip objects on a worksheet?
a) Rotate b) Arrange c) d)
John wants to create a chart that shows trends of sales for 4 quarters. What type of chart should he create?
a) line chart b) embedded chart c) d)
Curt needs to finish a database project from yesterday. What action should he take in order to start working on the database?
a) Open from Existing b) Close c) d)
Johnny has planned his baseball card database and determined a logical arrangement. What is his next step?
a) Gather the information b) Discuss the database with users c) d)
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