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Which command on the Insert Ribbon enables a user to insert a picture of a part of a screen into a worksheet?
a) Screen Clipping b) Screenshot c) d)
On a PivotTable, what is a field with values not entered as data but determined by a computation involving data in other fields called?
a) Calculated field b) Total field c) d)
Which is a tiny chart that provides a visual representation of data in a worksheet cell?
a) Sparkline b) data line c) d)
Dorothy designed a column chart and would like to add an element that will help lead the eye and improve readability of the chart. Which chart feature should she include?
a) Gridlines b) Axis Title c) d)
John has created a Pivot chart and would like to include a guide that would display the names of the series of data included on the chart. Which option would allow him to do this?
a) Legend Fields b) Values c) d)
Which command creates decorative text in a worksheet?
a) wordart b) artwork c) d)
Edward would like to create a chart that shows the trend in iPod sales over the past 2 years. Which chart type should he create?
a) line b) column c) d)
What ribbon contains the commands used to create a chart in Excel?
a) insert ribbon b) formula ribbon c) d)
. What is the process of viewing a PivotTable report for a subset that meets the criterion only?
a) filtering b) arranging c) d)
What term refers to an Excel Chart with offset pieces?
a) exploded b) separated c) d)
What graphically represents trends in plotted data and predicts future values?
a) trendline b) chartline c) d)
What is typically included in the range of data selected to create a chart?
a) Numeric data and titles b) title only c) d)
Leigh Ann designed a bar chart and would like to add an element above the chart to make the data more meaningful. Which chart feature would she need to include?
a) chart title b) data label c) d)
Which of the following is the default method for summarizing data in a PivotTable?
a) PivotTable b) PivotChart c) d)
Which tab in the PivotChart Tools Ribbon allows a user to apply chart titles to the PivotChart?
a) layout b) format c) d)
What can you use to easily filter pivot tables and cube functions interactively in a worksheet?
a) slicer b) division c) d)
Which ribbon is visible when a PivotTable is selected, and allows a user to apply various styles to the PivotTable?
a) design b) layout c) d)
Dorothy designed a column chart and would like to change the background color to yellow. Which chart feature should she modify?
a) plot area b) chart titles c) d)
What are graphical objects that contain buttons a user can click to filter the data in PivotTables and PivotCharts?
a) slicers b) movers c) d)
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