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What is the correct order for traffic lights?
a) red amber green b) green red amber c) amber green red d) amber red green
Which of these is not controlled by a switch in a car?
a) radio b) window wipers c) lights d) cup holder
Where will you NOT see an electronic message board?
a) motorway b) bus stops c) police car d) crossroads
Where would you find a level crossing barrier?
a) on a bridge b) by a railtrack c) by the sea d) at an airport
Which of these is used to help people cross the road?
a) Traffic Crossing b) Pelican crossing c) Penguin Crossing d) Stop Car Crossing
Which of these is NOT control technology in a car park?
a) ticket machine b) automatic barrier c) surveillance camera d) traffic warden
What colour is NOT used at traffic lights?
a) blue b) red c) green d) amber
What lights are used in towns?
a) street lights b) road lights c) pavement lights d) night lights
Which of these is NOT a switch type?
a) pull cord b) push c) slide d) twist
What does SAT NAV stand for?
a) Satellite Navigation b) Satisfaction Navigaion c) Satellite Naveda d) Saturday Navigation
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