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The system that produces hormones is the ______________.
a) nervous b) endocrine c) respiratory d)
The part of the nervous system that controls all body activities is the ____________.
a) heart b) liver c) brain d)
Which is not a gland that makes up your endocrine system?
a) heart b) Pitutary c) thyroid d) pancreas
The state of matter that has the ability to flow is a _______________.
a) liquid b) solid c) gas d) liquid and a gas
The state of matter that has the greatest density is a _____________.
a) gas b) liquid c) solid d) gas and liquid
_________________ is a measure of how much space something takes up.
a) density b) matter c) mass d) volume
___________ is the amount of matter in an object.
a) density b) volume c) weight d) mass
On which surface would friction be the greatest?
a) ice b) snow c) carpet d) wood
At which location would your mass be the greatest?
a) Mars b) Pluto c) Mass is the same no matter where you are d) Earth
Which of the following is a problem with nuclear power?
a) acid rain b) global warming c) heat pollution of lakes d)
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