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is the amount of matter in an object.
a) density b) mass c) volume d) weight
On which surface would friction be the greatest?
a) carpet b) ice c) plastic d) wood
Which of the following materials would be attracted to a magnet?
a) cotton b) plastic c) wood d) iron
Which of the following forces is a force that acts on an object by touching the object?
a) electricity b) friction c) gravity d) magnetism
At which location would your mass be the greatest?
a) earth b) Jupiter c) Moon d) Your mass would be the same at all three locations
A compass _______, is the part of the compass that is magnetic.
a) bar b) dial c) needle d) rose
The north pole of one magnet will be attracted to the __________ pole of another magnet
a) east b) north c) south d) west
Which of the following would be attracted to each other?
a) a positive and negative charge b) two magnetic south poles c) two magnetic north poles d) two negative charges
Which of the following is an example of a dangerous type of static electricity?
a) Your hair standing up after taking off your winter hat. b) Walking across the carpet, touching a doorknob, and seeing a spark. c) Building up an electric charge by getting back into your car, before you are done pumping your gas. d) Rubbing a balloon against your hair and then sticking it to the wall.
Which of the following is unsafe?
a) Using a surge protector when you have a lot of devices to plug into one outlet. b) Replacing a blown fuse with a fuse that has the same current. c) Resetting a breaker box after a circuit breaker trips. d) Using multiple extension cords on one outlet.
The human heart is a type of ________.
a) muscle b) cell c) system d) bone
A disease that produces holes in the stomach is known as __________.
a) sprains b) asthma c) acne d) ulcers
The organ that protects us from outside elements is the ________.
a) brain b) small intestines c) skin d) bone
The bones that protect our brain make up the _______.
a) ribs b) skull c) humerus d) femur
The organ in our digestive system that allows the nutrients to enter our bloodstream is the ______.
a) small intestine b) esophagus c) mouth d) liver
Oxygen is carried through the body in our ___________.
a) intestines b) blood c) muscles d)
Our windpipe is known as the _______________.
a) trachea b) esophagus c) ureter d)
_____________ is a virus that attacks our immune system.
a) HIV b) influenza c) tuberculosis d)
Urine is produced when our _______________ filter waste from the blood.
a) lungs b) bones c) kidneys d)
Your ____________ pumps blood throughout the body.
a) heart b) stomach c) kidneys d)
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