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A semiconductor device that can be used as an oscillating switch or timer, turning a circuit on or off.
a) Transistor b) SPST Switch c) SCR Rectifier d) Intergrated Circuit
A resistor that is used to vary the value of the voltage applied to a circuit, increasing or decreasing the flow of electrons in a circuit
a) Resistor b) Potentiometer c) Capacitor d) Anode
An electrical device formed of two or more cells connected together in series,
a) Anode b) Cathode c) Switch d) Battery
A semiconductor device used to control current and amplify the input voltages making the signal stronger at the collector.
a) SCR Rectifier b) Transistor c) Diode d) Compacitor
A device similar to a battery, that stores up electrons the discharges the electrons into a circuit when the power source is removed.
a) Battery b) Charger c) Capactior d) Transistor
A device used to open and close a circuit
a) SPST Switch b) Potentiometer c) Battery d) Gate
A material in a circuit that provides an easy path through which electrons can move through the circuit.
a) Anode b) Cathode c) Conductor d) Insulator
A semiconductor that rectifies AC into DC current and is used in all electronic equipment plugged into AC
a) SCR Rectifier b) Diode c) Resistor d) Transistor
A device used to control current and voltage in a circuit operating on a fixed value
a) Battery b) Resistor c) Potentiometer d) SCR Rectifier
An electronic device that acts as a load, has polarity and emits light when the p-n junction is forward based.
a) Transistor b) Diode c) Resistor d) LED
A negatively charged electrode or lead on an electronic device that has polarity.
a) Anode b) Electron c) Proton d) Cathode
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