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Identifying, naming and classifying organisms is called...
a) ecology b) biology c) taxonomy d)
What has a shiny kuster, conducts electricity and is ductile?
a) rocks b) glass c) metal d)
Non- metals do NOT have...
a) a dull luster b) brittleness c) malleable(bendable) d) poor conductivity
Rust is a form of.....
a) chemical change b) physical change c) temperature change d)
An ecosystem has....
a) living and non- living things b) water but no animals c) only living things d)
Biotic factor is......
a) non-living organisms b) groups of same species c) groups of living things d)
Multicellular means that organisms are made up of _____ cell(s).
a) one b) two or more c) no cells at all d)
Bacteria which is a small, unicellular organism is.....
a) prokaryotic b) eukaryotic c) not either prokaryotic or eukaryotic d)
What do you call an organism made of one microscopic cell?
a) an animal b) unicellular c) multicellular d) a plant
A large rocky body usually found between Jupiter and Mars is called...
a) meteriod b) comet c) asteriod d) meteor
What has a nucleus and membrane bound organelles?
a) a bacteria cell b) a parkaryotic cell c) a plant cell d) an eukaryotic cell
What is made of ice, dust and dirt with a tail?
a) asteriod b) star c) comet d)
The planets such as Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus (outer planets)are called
a) ringed planets b) gas giants c) rocky bodies d)
Planets that are rocky and terrestrial are the _______ planets. M V E M
a) solar system b) inner c) outer d)
Color and temperature change, forming solids and bubbling are signs of a_________
a) chemical reaction b) physical change c) no reaction d)
Elements are a pure substance so which of these is an element?
a) Salt- NaCl b) Gold -Au c) Water- H2O d) Carbon dioxide- CO2
Solubility, density and freezing point are examples of________ ex: a melting ice cream
a) chemical change b) reaction c) physical change d)
If 2 or more elements are chemically bonded together, they form a ________
a) chemical formula b) compound c) element d)
Which of these is a compound?
a) He - Helium b) HCl - Hydrochloric acid c) Au - Gold d)
A worm. a spider, a cat and a crab are all animals and also are....
a) asexual reproducers b) multicellular organisms c) hace similar ways of moving (locomotion) d) have the same inside (internal) structures
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