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beijing is one of china's largest industrial and population center. What is a major problem there?
a) pollution b) communism c) d)
when the gov. controls major aspects of the gov. and economy
a) command economy b) capitalism c) d)
religion affiliations of majority of southeast asia
a) buddhism and islam b) judaism and christianity c) d)
north korea has what type of government
a) socialist b) communism c) d)
when the market is controlled by supply and demand
a) free enterprise b) socialism c) d)
farming to provide for your family
a) commercial b) subsistence c) d)
racial segregation in south africa
a) caste system b) apartheid c) d)
a factor that does not effect a cities location
a) culture b) religion c) d)
followers of islam
a) muslims b) jews c) d)
what factor is not an attraction for entrepreneurs and business in africa
a) technology b) religion c) d)
a country with high life expectancy, high literacy rate, and low infant mortality
a) highly developed b) underdeveloped c) d)
followers of christianity
a) jews b) christians c) d)
followers of judaism
a) christians b) jews c) d)
countries with a low life expectancy, high mortality rate, and low literacy rate
a) highly developed b) underdeveloped c) d)
african slave trade during 16th and 17th centuries contributed to...
a) cultural diffusion b) apartheid c) d)
the middle east and north africa share the same language and religion, they are considered...
a) same region b) different regions c) d)
public policies and decision making can be influenced by
a) nativism b) nationalism c) d)
conservative religions groups in the middle east oppose western culture because...
a) they think it harms their cultural beliefs b) western culture is islamic c) d)
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