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the middle east and australian outback are both examples of this type of region
a) perceptual b) functional c) formal d)
what geographic factor most influences settlement patterns
a) water resources b) economic activity c) d)
which country is affected by the building of dams and irrigation ditches
a) hungary b) turkey c) d)
what is the main religion in the middle east
a) christianity b) islam c) d)
what is the main language in the middle east
a) english b) arabic c) d)
what is the process of taking salt out of water to make fresh drinking water
a) hydrology b) desalinization c) d)
the religion that believes in 1 god and that the Messiah has not come yet
a) christianity b) judaism c) d)
what is the sacred text of islam
a) quran b) torah c) d)
what is the sacred text of christianity
a) torah b) bible c) d)
what is the sacred text of judaism
a) torah b) quran c) d)
3% of people in egypt live along
a) nile b) sahara c) d)
people living in an underdeveloped country are likely involved in what type of economic activity?
a) primary b) secondary c) tertiary d)
a large grassland with climatic changes causing a loss of vegetation, subsistence farming and overgrazing have caused it to become semi arid
a) Sahara b) Sahel c) d)
the intent to eliminate an entire group of people
a) genocide b) pollution c) d)
worship of animals and the environment typical in central africa
a) animism b) nativism c) d)
primary influence on climate
a) longitude b) latitude c) d)
brings heavy rain in India
a) summer monsoons b) winter monsoons c) d)
brings dry weather in india
a) summer monsoons b) winter monsoons c) d)
hindu belief that was outlawed in 1947
a) genocide b) caste system c) d)
earthquakes and volcanoes in japan happen along...
a) sahara desert b) ring of fire c) d)
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