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Someone who dies for his or her beliefs.
a) Martyrs b) Punics c) Barbarians d) None of the above
Term used to refer to the Franks, Vandals, and the Goths collectively.
a) Outsiders b) Barbarians c) Punic d) None of the Above
Early form of Roman government that had two Consuls who were advised by a Senate.
a) Empire b) Rebulic c) Democracy d) Monarchy
Top ranking leadership position in the Roman Republic.
a) Senator b) Consul c) Caesar d) None of the Above
He expanded the Roman Empire and began a prosperous period known as the Pax Romana.
a) Romulus b) Remus c) Julius Caesar d) Augustus Caesar
Major river used to transport goods to and from Rome.
a) Nile b) Mediterranean c) Tiber d) Euphrates
Social group that left Rome because they wanted more political power.
a) Elites b) Plebeians c) Patricians d) None of the Above
First civilized inhabitants of Rome whose contributions included the arch and alphabet.
a) Etruscans b) Latins c) Greeks d) Egyptians
Civilization that the Romans borrowed much of their culture from-- including religion, architecture, and literature.
a) Etruscans b) Latins c) Greeks d) Egyptians
Mountain range that Hannibal led his sneak attack of Rome through in the Second Punic War.
a) Alps b) Apennes c) Himalayas d) Sierra Nevadas
People living in central Italy who gave the Romans their language.
a) Etruscans b) Latins c) Greeks d) None of the above.
Pax Romana
a) A time of many wars in Rome's history in which Gaul was secured. b) A time of great peace in Rome's history in which the population increased and the customs of Rome spread into the provinces. c) A time of uncertainty in Rome where many leaders were killed. d) None of the above
Roman emperor who first declared Christianity to be his religion.
a) Constantine b) Augustus c) Nero d) Caligula
Leader of the Carthaginians during the First Punic War who was killed in battle.
a) Romulus b) Scipio Africanus c) Hannibal d) Hamilcar
Slave who led a rebellion against the Roman army that ended in the execution of 6,000 slaves.
a) Hamilcar b) Hannibal c) Spartacus d) Julius Caesar
Roman general who declared himself dictator for life and was later assassinated.
a) Julius Caesar b) Augustus Caesar c) Romulus d) Nero
North African territory that fought Rome in the Punic Wars.
a) Carthage b) Egypt c) Greece d) Macedonia
Former Jew who took many long journeys to spread Christianity throughout the Roman Empire.
a) Paul b) Jesus c) Alexander the Great d) none of the above
Legendary founder and first king of Rome.
a) Julius Caesar b) Augustus Caesar c) Romulus d) Remus
What was the benefit to Rome being built on hills.
a) Possibility of expansion b) Protection from invaders c) Easy trading with others d)
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