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Transferring a file from one computer to another
a) File Transfer Protocol b) Electronic Funds Transfer c) Hypertext Transfer Protocol d) Transmission Control Protocol
A transaction that occurs when one business transmits computer-readable data in an agreed-upon format to another business
a) Value Added Network b) Profit c) Electronic Data Interchange d) Culture
Group status based on social groupings and economic status
a) Profit b) Socio-Economic c) Globailization d) Culture
Revenue minus all expenses
a) Value Added Network b) Electronic Funds Transfer c) e-Commerce d) Profit
A negotiated exchange of valuable objects or services between two or more parties (a buyer and a seller)
a) EDI b) Profit c) HTTP d) Commerce
To go worldwide in scope and application; a consumer can access the Internet from anywhere at anytime
a) e-Commerce b) Globalization c) EDI d) Socio-Economic
The combination of language and customs
a) Profit b) Socio-Economic c) Culture d) FTP
In its broadest sense is the conduct of selling, buying, logistics, or other organization-management activities via the web
a) e-Commerce b) Culture c) Globalization d) Commerce
The language of the World Wide Web
a) EFT b) HTTP c) FTP d) TCP
Establishes how data travels across networks
a) VAN b) EFT c) FTP d) TCP/IP
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