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What is the term for bacteria that are not harmful to humans.
a) non-social b) non-pathogenic c) anaerobic d) pathogenic
What stain catergorizes bacteria according to the affinity of the bacteria's cell wall?
a) Wright stain b) Safranin red stain c) Gram stain d) Geimsa stain
What does the acetone or alcohol do in step three of the gram stain?
a) used as the mordant b) used as the counter stain c) decolorizes d) used as the primary stain
The scientific name for round or oval shaped bacteria in chains
a) staphylococci b) staphylobacilli c) streptobacilli d) streptococci
What is the general shape of the bacteria which causes Lyme's disease?
a) cocci b) pallisades c) spirochete d) bacillus
An object without any microorganisms present is said to be _____?
a) sterile b) clean c) disinfected d) contaminated
This microorganism has either DNA or RNA but never both
a) fungi b) viruses c) parasite d) bacteria
What color does a positive hemocult (guiac) turn?
a) red b) green c) blue d) yellow
The microorganism most frequently responsible for urinary tract infections is _____
a) Klebsiella b) E. coli c) Streptococci d) Pseudomonas
The final step in the gram stain procedure that is used as a counter stain
a) safranin red b) acetone c) iodine d) crystal violet
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