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Non-profit organization that oversees and assist in governing and monitoring the web and is responsible for the WAI
a) WWW Consortium b) Web Accessibility Initiative c) Dragon Naturally Speaking d) Via Voice
Steps and procedures to test website for accuracy and accessibility
a) Voice Activated Software b) Validation Methods c) Read Aloud Software d) JAWS
Software that allows use of the computer by voice commands
a) Accessibility b) Accessibility Wizards c) W3C d) Voice Activated Software
Guidelines developed and continually revised since 1999 to ensure that persons with disabilities have access to the web
a) Web Accessibility Initiative b) WWW Consortium c) Accessibility Wizards d) Read Aloud Software
Reads computer text for people with visual disabilities
a) ADA b) Read loud software c) W3C d) JAWS
Voice activated software
a) WAI b) W3C c) JAWS d) Via Voice
Voice Activated Software
a) ADA b) WAI c) Dragon Naturally Speaking d) WRGC
A Windows software program with powerful accessibility solution that reads information on your screen using synthesized speech and it also has braille output
a) ADA b) CSS c) WAI d) JAWS
The ability for all persons even with disabilities to use the web
a) Accessibility b) Accessibility Wizards c) Dragon Naturally d) Read Aloud Software
The option on most computers that allow a user’s computer to be configured for visual, hearing, and physical needs
a) JAWS b) Accessibility Wizard c) Validation Methods d) WAI
The browser that validates websites for use by individuals with disabilities
a) W3C b) Dragon Naturally Speaking c) Alternate Browsers d) Voice Activated Software
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