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Amber wants to export her animated movie in a file format that will load quickly on the Internet. What file extension should she choose?
a) SWF b) MOV c) .FLA d) HTML
What is the best format to export a vector-based cartoon animation to be used on a website?
a) SWF b) MOV c) .FLA d) Animation
What is the best format for exporting a video to be played in QuickTime?
a) Alpha b) SWF c) MOV d) GIF
What would be the best video file format to use to create an animated commercial to air on television?
a) GIF b) Vector c) Animation d) MOV
What file format would be best for creating an animated internet advertisement that will load quickly?
a) Vector b) .FLA c) SWF d) MOV
Which is an example of someone using a type of animation format?
a) Animated GIF b) Vicki exports her project as an SWF file to be used on a website. c) Frames per second d) Key animation
John used an animation file format developed by Microsoft for Windows Media Player. This file type is an example of:
a) AVI b) MOV c) .FLA d) SWF
Betsy created a bitmapped animation made up of a series of individual frames joined together to be used on her website. What type of animation is being used?
a) Animation b) Vector c) Scenes d) Animated GIF
Steven is finished working on his animation today, but wants to save it using a format that preserves the layers, scenes, and library so he can continue editing it tomorrow. Which of the following is a file type that Steven could choose?
a) .FLA b) MOV c) SWF d) Animation
In animation, what does FPS stand for?
a) SWF b) Anchor point c) Frames per second d) Alpha
Madison wants to determine the exact point in the animation where a movement begins and ends. What does Madison need to adjust?
a) Keyframes b) Frames per second c) MOV d) Animated GIF
Luis has an animation that is well over 500 frames long. To help him organize his animation into sections, what does Luis need to create?
a) Vector b) GIF c) Scenes d) Sketch out each scene visually
Bradley is making an animation for a client that is using it for a website. Which format would work best for this situation?
a) MOV b) 2d Animation c) Path Animation d) .SWF
Which term describes the transparency value of an object in an animation?
a) Alpha b) Pre-production c) Vector animation d) MOV
Marshall is making a dynamic animated advertisement for a client, and realizes he will be using their logo several times throughout the project. What should Marshall do with the logo to make it easy to use over and over?
a) Convert it to a symbol b) Frames per second c) Scenes d) Alpha
To make an animated object spin from a different axis of rotation, what needs to be changed?
a) Alpha b) MOV c) Anchor point d) SWF
Kristen wants to provide her client with a visual representation of her animation and show the order of events before she begins designing it. What should Kristen create?
a) Alpha b) A storyboard c) SWF d) MOV
Will exported his animation, but notices the audio he embedded is not playing. Most likely, what file type has Will chosen as his export settings?
a) A storyboard b) Alpha c) Keyframes d) Animated GIF
Brittany is in the pre-production phase for designing her animation. What is one of the primary elements she should consider in this phase?
a) Scenes b) MOV c) Choose appropriate equipment d) Alpha
Evan has defined the target audience for an animation project and has an idea in his head of how he wants the project to look. What is his very next step in the project?
a) Sketch out each scene visually b) Frames Per Second c) .SWF d) AVI
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