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is a measure of how much space something takes up.
a) mass b) volume c) matter d)
Who should you call immediately if a child swallows a poison?
a) Your doctor b) Poison Control c) Your neighbor d)
The state of matter that has the greatest density is a _____________.
a) gas b) liquid c) solid d)
The state of matter that has the ability to flow is a _______________.
a) solid b) liquid c) gas d) liquid and gas
The state of matter that has neither a definite shape nor a definite volume is a __________.
a) solid b) liquid c) gas d)
The process of a solid changing into a liquid is called ______________.
a) melting b) freezing c) boiling d)
Which of the following harms the environment the most?
a) coal power plants b) solar energy c) nuclear power plants d)
What type of energy is in gasoline?
a) light b) chemical c) heat d)
What would be a good way to conserve energy?
a) car pool b) take long hot showers c) Leave your TV on all day d)
Which of the following is a problem with nuclear power?
a) acid rain b) global warming c) heat pollution of lakes d)
Which of the following is a nonrenewable source of energy?
a) solar b) coal c) wind d)
A resource that is limited and that we can not make more of is called a
a) renewable resource b) nonrenewable resource c) practical resource d)
The mixture of smoke, fog, and chemicals is often referred to as ______________.
a) gross b) fossil fuel c) smog d)
introduction of harmful materials into the environment is called
a) pollination b) smog c) pollution d)
The ____________ is a government agency that serves us by forming laws and regulations to protect the environment.
a) EPA b) CIA c) FBI d)
You can help to solve the problem of land pollution by reducing, reusing, and
a) ignoring the problem b) recycling c) throw things away d)
Which of the following is an example of a PPE(personal protection equipment)?
a) knife b) necklace c) gloves and googles d)
Which of the below is a chemical?
a) air freshner b) table c) air d)
Where is the best place to store a chemical?
a) behind a furnance b) in a locked cabinet c) in a milk jug d)
What should you always read before using a chemical?
a) Price tag b) label c) ads d)
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