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What was the period called in which the Mayans thrived?
a) The Golden Age b) The Scholasticly Period c) The Classic Period d) The Silver Age
The Mayans were Polytheistic. True or False
a) True b) False c) d)
During the end of the Mayan Civilization, what started to occur?
a) People's religion declined b) People started to ruin precious artwork c) People stopped building, painting, and expressing. d) People started to adopt the Latin Language
What achievements do not belong to the Mayans
a) The Mayans invented ball courts b) The Mayans invented the modern day pencil c) The Mayans invented a writing system known as Glyphs d) The Mayans invented a strong form of law and order
What kind of Gods did the Mayans worship?
a) Allah b) Oceanic Gods c) Hunting and Gathering Gods d) Corn, Sun, and Rain Gods
What is a tradition the Mayans are known for?
a) Celebrating Guantro, a religious holiday to the crop gods b) Mummifying Leaders c) Hanging lamb's over there doorstep to keep away bad spirits d) Human Sacrifice
What is not one of the punishments that would occur when someone commited a crime?
a) being sold into slavery or possibly getting thrown into a jail b) Having all of your possessions sold or auctioned c) Public Humiliation d) Getting used as human sacrifice
What tribe rivaled the Mayans?
a) The Calakmul tribe b) The Seelmek tribe c) The Incas d) The Asertic tribe
The Mayans were very strict with laws and anyone, no matter how noble, would recieve punishments when necessary
a) True b) False c) d)
Around what time period did the Mayans fall?
a) 1700s b) 900s c) 200 BC d) 1500s
Who was the local ruler for each Mayan city?
a) Wealthy Patrons b) The Rebuk Family c) Emperors d) Kings
What made the Mayans alike other civalizations at the time?
a) The had bunny warriors b) They were crazy swimmers c) They were monotheistic d) The traded with others and had an organized social hierarchy
Which is NOT a theory of how the Mayans fell?
a) The king was too demanding on the people, so they rebelled and left the city b) There was too much fighting, leading to a lack of people to farm. This lead to them starving c) They were taken over by English and Spanish explorers d) The Mayans suffered a long 150 year drought
How did the Mayans purchase goods?
a) The used rocks b) They traded and sometimes used cocoa beans c) They swam across a river and whoever won got the goods d) They used silent bartering
Where in Mesoamerica were the Mayans located?
a) The Yucat√°n Pinunsula b) The Trinion Pinnisula c) The Fertile Crescent d) Portugul
What geographical structure protected the MAyans from invasion?
a) The Bird Man b) Boulders c) Rivers and water on all sides d) The Sierra Mountain Range
True or False: Mayans believed that criminals did not act on their own but were being controlled by evil spirits
a) True b) False c) d)
What was their Social Hierarchy?
a) King, Council, Commoners, Nobles, Merchants and Artisans b) King, Parliament, Commoners, Nobles, Slaves c) There was no social Hierarchy, for evryone was equal d) Emperor, Council, Commoners, Nobles, Merchants and Artisans
True or False- The Mayans were strictly carnivorous
a) T b) F c) d)
The Mayans were...
a) The most advanced civilization of their time b) Polytheistic c) First to develope a proper written language in the Americas d) All of The Above
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