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Everyone sits at the table; dishes are passed from one to another
a) family style b) plate service c) buffet style d) casual style
someone fills the plate in the kitchen and brings out to the table
a) plate service b) family style c) buffet style d) formal style
each person helps him/herself and goes to sit at the table
a) buffet style b) family style c) casual style d) plate service
eating utensils such as knives, forks, and spoons are called
a) flatware or silverware b) eating utensils c) a place setting d) there is no such thing
a portion of the meal served one unit/part at a time
a) course b) plate c) dinner d) place setting
A place setting includes
a) the dishes, glasses and eating utensils that one person will need to eat the meal b) the plate and knife only c) glass and silverware only d) the placemat only
the water glass is placed
a) above the knife, on the right hand side b) above the first fork, on the right hand side c) wherever you want to put it d) on the left side of the silverware
The salad plate is placed
a) on the far left side of the silverware b) on the far right side of the silverware c) directly above the dinner plate d) above the forks
the cup and saucer is placed
a) on the right of the place setting b) on the left of the place setting c) above the dinner plate d) you are not allowed to have a cup and saucer
The plate and silverware should be how far from the edge of the table
a) 1 in b) 2 in c) 12 in d) 0 in
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