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Programs and applications are called...
a) Software b) Hardware c) Information d) Computing
This is not for saving infomation
a) Pen drive b) Flopy disk c) Hard disk d) Monitor
How many bytes are 1 Kbyte?
a) 1000 b) 100.000 c) 100 d) 1.000.000
Device where you can save your files in
a) Sreen b) Scanner c) Hard disk d) Web cam
It is called the computer's brain
a) Printer b) Microprocessor c) Graphic Card d) CD-ROM
Select an input-output device
a) Mouse b) Microphone c) Hard disk d) Router
Select an output device
a) Mouse b) Scanner c) Speakers d) Keyboard
Select an input device
a) Keyboard b) Printer c) Screen d) Headphones
Physic parts of computers are called
a) Software b) Devices c) Programs d) Hardware
Peropheral device for introducing alphanumerical information
a) Mouse b) Scanner c) Keyboard d) Flopy disk
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