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Are you sure we need all of this ___________ for our 2 day camping trip?
a) bookkeeping b) felon c) alibis d) paraphernalia
Sydelle will be ______________ the shorthand to Polish, then from Polish to English.
a) transcribing b) exceptional c) scoffing d) wary
_______ of giving away their game plans, the heirs decided the questions would be written out, but names would not be signed.
a) wary b) bookkeeping c) felon d) scoffing
Doug Hoo was afraid when the heirs talked about __________ for the night of the murder, they would discover he was near the seen of the crime.
a) scoffing b) wary c) alibis d) implication
I cannot believe that our neighbor is the _______________ the police were looking for.
a) larcenist b) exceptional c) paraphernalia d) alibis
Sydelle screamed at Grace when her notebook was returned, Thief, Larcenist, ________
a) scoffing b) felon c) wary d) larcenist
It is obvious that your ___________ skills need some updated because your records are off.
a) felon b) larcenist c) paraphernalia d) bookkeeping
Rosalie was an ___________________ child and Flora thought she was the most loving person that ever was.
a) alibis b) exceptional c) wary d) larcenist
Lured by the Westing house, the tenants of Sunset Towers stood at their windows ______ at the danter, daring to dream.
a) implication b) exceptional c) scoffing d) transcribing
Your __________________ that I killed Mr. Westing is absurd.
a) exceptional b) implication c) alibis d) felon
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