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a group of fungi to which mushrooms belong
a) regular fungi b) club fungi c) d)
What type of fungi forms the largest group?
a) lichen b) club fungi c) imperfect fungi d) sac fungi
a eukaryotic heterotroph with rigid cell walls and no chlorophyll
a) hypha b) fungus c) d)
What is a beneficial relationship between a plant and a fungus called?
a) eukaryotic b) mycorrhiza c) photosynthesis d) radiolarian
a threadlike fungal filament
a) hypha b) mycelium c) d)
Which two organisms combine to form a lichen?
a) fungus and alga b) alga and yeast c) fungus and mushroom d) mushroom and yeast
a twisted mass that forms when hyphae grow together
a) mycelium b) budding c) d)
a form of asexual reproduction used by yeasts
a) spore b) budding c) d)
Which type of fungus is shapeless and fuzzy?
a) yeast b) Penicillium c) mold d) mushroom
a small reporductive cell that is protected by a thick cell wall
a) spore b) filament c) d)
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