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From whom did the Romans take ideas and improve upon them?
a) All b) Greeks c) Native Americans d) Egyptians
What are structurest that carry water over long distances?
a) Aqueducts b) Ditches c) Arches d) Columns
What is it called when a government that allows people to vote for their leaders?
a) Democracy b) Empire c) Monarchy d) Republic
What did the Roman Empire want from its conquered lands?
a) Trade of Goods b) All c) Taxes d) Peace
Who was the greatest of Rome's five good emperors?
a) Hadrian b) Justinian c) Caesar d) Nero
What is a curved structure that is used to support on open space?
a) Arch b) Column c) Bannister d) Triangle
What did the Romans call a leader who could assume maximum power for 6 months?
a) Caesar b) Emperor c) Dictator d) Senator
What is the one thing that Virgil said the Romans were made to do
a) Invent b) Govern c) Build d) All
Who was Rome's first emperor?
a) Octavian b) None c) Augustus d) Both
Who were the everyday citizens of Rome?
a) Patricians b) Senators c) Plebeians d) Consuls
What happened to Julius Caesar?
a) He was voted out of his consul position b) He was defeated by the forces of Octavian c) He was assassinated d) He died as the greatest ruler in Roman History
What were the leaders of the Roman Republic called?
a) Consuls b) Caesars c) Emperors d) Dictators
What was the name of the Roman laws that settled differences between their social classes?
a) 96 Theses b) Four Questions c) 12 Tables d) Hammurabi's Code
Who was the Roman legislature?
a) Praetors b) Senate c) Dictator d) Consul
What was the name of the site that housed combats between people and between people and animals?
a) The Colosseum b) The Forum c) Circus Maximus d) Golden Arches
What was the building material invented by the Romans?
a) Papyrus b) Velcro c) Adobe d) Concrete
Who were the rich and powerful people of Roman society?
a) Plebeians b) Patricians c) Dictators d) Praetors
What is an area of the Roman Empire ruled by a governor and supported by an army?
a) State b) Country c) Province d) Empire
What is the rejection of any planned action by a person in power?
a) Conjecture b) Senator c) Veto d) Empire
Who were the first people to settle on the Italian peninsula?
a) Romans b) Greeks c) Egyptians d) Etruscans
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