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A substance that dissolves to form a solution.
a) Solution b) Solute c) Solvent d) Solubility
A reaction between an acid and a base.
a) Concentrated b) neutralization c) heterogeneous composition d) Dilute
Small amount of solute in a given amount of solvent.
a) Concentrated b) Dilute c) Solvent d) neutral
Larger or largest part of a solution.
a) Solute b) Solvent c) Heterogeneous composition d) Solubility
Not uniform (the same) in composition
a) homogeneous b) solution c) heterogenous d) concentrated
Large amount of solute per given amount of solvent.
a) concentrated b) dilute c) solvent d) saturated
Solution with a pH above 7
a) acid b) base c) both d) neither
Conducts electricity in water.
a) acid b) base c) both d) neither
Solution feels slippery.
a) acid b) base c) neither d) both
Reacts with metals, producing hydrogen gas
a) acid b) base c) both d) neither
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