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Worksheets printed in__ orientation are wider than they are long
a) portrait b) c) d)
Excel inserts __ whenever it runs out of room on a page
a) automatic page break b) c) d)
__ enables you to resize a worsheet to print on a specific number of pages
a) scaling b) c) d)
A __ is the text that prints in the top margin of each page
a) header b) c) d)
A __ text that prints in the bottom margin of each pge
a) footer b) c) d)
The formula =E6/4 is an example of a(n) __ operation
a) division b) c) d)
The formula =B6^3 is an example of a(n)__ operation
a) exponetiation b) c) d)
You can change which cells are included in a reference by dragging any corner of the __ to resize the selected range
a) colored outline b) c) d)
The sequence used to calculate the value of a formula is called the __
a) order of evaluation b) c) d)
When evaluating formulas, the __ of parentheses is evaluated first
a) innermost b) c) d)
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