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What word means to move and stay permanently?
a) migrate b) immigrate c) refugee d) vacation
Most people live in the city for their jobs. Living in the city means_____
a) living in the country b) living in the outback c) living in the urban areas d) living under a rock
What characteristics describe unlimited government?
a) voting, freedom of speech and religion b) people have less a voice and personal rights c) Free to go to disney world and enter Harry Potter world. d) Businesses have total control over their prices and selling goods.
A political map shows_________
a) population in a certain area b) lakes, rivers, mountains and plains etc. c) the way to Justin Beibers house d) cities, countries, boundaries, capitals
This connects the Mediterranean and Red Sea.
a) Panama Canal b) Suez Canal c) Nile River d) mountains
Government where leaders have some power
a) limited b) unlimited c) monarchy d) dictator
What country do we live in?
a) Texas b) Mexico c) North America d) United States
What county do we live in?
a) Texas b) U.S.A c) Wise d) Bollywood
People immigrated to the United States for this reason.
a) They loved the red , white and blue flag b) For a better living c) To learn English d) To meet our president
United States is ruled by ___________
a) few b) one c) Obama d) many
Government that has all power is________
a) Awesome! b) limited c) Unlimited d) Constitutional Monarchy
The scattered islands in the Pacific Ocean are called_____.
a) North America b) Middle East c) Oceania d) Australia
Your are moving out of the country to get a better paying job and this is a _______
a) Push b) Pull c) Grab d) Tackle
When you are forced to leave your country because of war or famine you are called a______
a) nomad b) stranger c) person looking for work d) refugee
Physical map shows__________
a) cities, countries, boundaries, capitals b) mountains, rivers, lakes, etc. c) population d) resources
How many people live in an area is called_______.
a) crowded city b) population density c) rural area d) urban
Rural means_______
a) How many people live in the country. b) How many people live in the city c) How many people have tattoos. d) How many animals live in the city
What is the smallest continent?
a) Europe b) Australia c) North America d) Russia
What country belongs to two continents?
a) Asia b) China c) Japan d) Russia
Currently, who has the highest population density?
a) United States b) Australia c) India d) China
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