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An image can have up to _ channels.
a) 50 b) 63 c) 56 d) 25
Most digital cameras create a(n) _ file.
a) CMYK b) Lab c) RGB d) Grayscale
_ are considered to be primary colors in the art world.
a) white, red, and blue b) red, yellow, and blue c) red, green and yellow d) blue, yellow, and green
The _format supports all Photoshop features
a) TIFF b) JPG c) GIF d) PSD
When you commit changes in edit mode, a new _ layer is added to the Layers palette.
a) type b) document c) property d) value
Reducing exposure to lighten an isolated area on a print is called _.
a) curbing b) dodging c) burning d) sponging
The _ tool repairs imperfections across larger areas but does not allow for brush size selection.
a) dissolve b) healing brush c) patch d) burn
The _ command allows you to sharpen with the most precision.
a) unsharp mask b) shapen c) sharpen mask d) midtone
How many Photoshop filter categories are available?
a) one b) eight c) ten d) nine
In Photoshop, the opposite of stroke is _.
a) fill b) margin c) omission d) vector grapic
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