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A Judge's chambers are
a) her house b) her car c) her office d) her courtroom
Where will the city locate the new library? In this sentence locate means...
a) to celebrate b) to raise money for c) to advertise d) to find a place
What are a hunters' quarries?
a) their hunting season b) their hunting permits c) their clothing d) the animals they are hunting
What is the location of the Eiffel Tower?
a) lawns, trees, ans flowers b) a famous landmark c) 1,063 feet tall d) Paris, France
Who are Pablo Picasso's descendants?
a) the people in his paintings b) his friends c) his parents d) his great- grandchildren
Which of these has entries?
a) a watermelon b) a diary c) a chair d) a jellyfish
A passage in a book is
a) part of the book b) the book's cover c) the book's illustrations d) the book's author
Joy seems happy on the surface. That means she
a) just heard happy news b) was certainly very happy c) has a cheerful personality d) appeared to be happy
The opposite of descend is
a) roll b) shrink c) rise d) widen
The opposite of precious is
a) ugly b) worthless c) rough d) dirty
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