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Germany, Italy, and Japan are ______________.
a) Allied countries b) North American countries c) Axis countries d) great places
United States, France, Britain, China, and the Soviet Union are ______________.
a) Allied countries b) Axis countries c) fun countries d) bad countries
Who is the Carthaginian general who crossed the Alps with elephants to attack Rome?
a) Socrates b) Hannibal c) Shakespeare d) Hitler
Who is the first Roman emperor?
a) Augustus b) Hannibal c) Obama d) Pope
Who is the great Greek philosopher?
a) Hitler b) Spartacus c) Socrates d) Obama
Who is the gladiator/slave who led the famous revolt against Rome?
a) Obama b) Socrates c) Spartacus d) Hitler
What's the capital of North Korea?
a) Constantinople b) Dallas c) Austin d) Pyongyang
What is the city in Turkey once known as Byzantium and now is called Istanbul?
a) Pyongyang b) Dallas c) Constantinople d) Austin
What's the capital city of Vietnam?
a) Hanoi b) Dallas c) Kuala Lumpur d) Austin
What is the capital and largest city of Malaysia?
a) Kuala Lumpur b) Hanoi c) Dallas d) Austin
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